Impact of the Summer Olympic Games on Moving to Paris

This summer, the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris will bring a large influx of people and supplies, heavily impacting transportation. From July 1 to September 15, about 115 miles of Paris roads will have lanes reserved for accredited individuals, excluding moving companies. Security perimeters around competition venues will ensure safety. These measures will lead to significant traffic rerouting, affecting the whole region, especially during the opening ceremonies.

Security Zones for Moving Companies

Each Olympic venue will have three security zones, activated simultaneously from two and a half hours before the first event of the day until one hour after the last event concludes.


The SILT zone (Sécurité Intérieure et Lutte contre le Terrorisme – Domestic Security and Counter-Terrorism) will secure the immediate area around the venue. This zone will be controlled by police and the army, with access limited to athletes, officials, and ticket holders. Moving services will be prohibited.

Red Zone

he red zone will allow access to cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles with a pass from the Paris police. Professional moving companies can operate in red zones only for essential moves and when the zone is not used for road races. Customers must prove their move’s necessity and residence in the zone. The moving company will apply for the permits, but the processing time is currently unknown.

Blue Zone

The blue zone will allow access to all vehicle types, including removal trucks. Moving companies must register in advance and show a QR code to enter. According to the Préfecture de Police, special traffic permits should be issued within 48 hours of application.

Increased Move Times

Moving times in the Paris region may be extended, requiring extra days, more manpower, or multiple stages (e.g., packing one day, moving another). Moves may also start earlier to avoid traffic congestion.

Moving professionals must be vigilant and proactive. Expat Relocation Systems will work with customers and local suppliers to minimize delays. If a move is postponed, we offer temporary and long-term storage solutions.

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