Expat Relocation Solutions & Relocation Services International Have Merged

We are excited to announce Relocation Services International (RSI) and Expat Relocation Solutions (ERS) have merged and will now be operating under the brand Expat Relocation Solutions. 
ARCA International is the parent company of Expat Relocation Solutions and Relocation Services International. ARCA International also manages a TSP for the US Government and a logistics provider. This merger centralizes the existing business profiles of RSI and ERS under one brand. Brian Fournier will manage the Orlando branch and Mary Ellen Tretina will manage the Chicago branch. Expat Relocation also has staff in California, Texas, and London. Chris Hood, President of ARCA International, said: “This merger allows our staff to take advantage of the strengths of both companies. It grants us the opportunity to provide the best service for our clients and will offer them options they may not have known were available. We have always taken pride in the high level of service both companies have provided to our customers over the years. In this day and age of constant change and uncertainty around the world, top-level service is once again the main focus as we all try and manage a shifting market. This merger will place Expat Relocation Solutions at the forefront of this change. I’m thrilled and privileged to be a part of something new and exciting!”  

For more information, please contact the following people:

BRIAN FOURNIER  |  VP/General Manager

Direct: 407.855.5882

Mobile 407.739.9713


MARY ELLEN TRETINA |  Vice President

Direct: 619.704.2538

Mobile 407.739.9713


Reviews From Our
Satisfied Clients

It was perfect! They arrived ahead of schedule, very polite, careful, and agile. Very good job!

The crew was professional, friendly, and approachable. Plus they finished way ahead of schedule!

Expat has been AMAZING over the entire process and I'm so grateful for the amazing help from everyone!

Everything went smooth, no issues at all. They were in and out within 30 minutes or less. No damages or missing items.